What else did the Nazis hide?

Yet again, a treasure trove hidden by the Nazis during World War II has been unearthed. In this case it was a massive collection of art: 1,500 pieces including Picassos, Matisses, and more.

According to the Telegraph, “At least 200 pieces are thought to be on lists of missing treasures.”

Of course, we can only assume that Nazis hid a lot more that just art. A central plot of the Valhalla Trilogy—starting in Beyond Ultra that will continue through the next two books—is of a Nazi cache of much more dangerous goods than lost pieces of art. How it affects the Ortega and Hoffman families (and the rest of the world) is one of the great joys of the books.

It’s fascinating to read articles like this one that show just how much the stories of the past are relevant to the world today.

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