Books: Historical fiction

As of May 2014, I have published two historical novels, Beyond Ultra and the sequel Valhalla Revealed. Here is a short promotional video for Beyond Ultra.

Here's some additional information about each book.

Valhalla Revealed

The spellbinding sequel to Beyond Ultra, this work furthers the family saga that began in German Cameroon and Spanish Guinea in 1915. This time, the Cold War era looms large, and Paul Hoffman has left his home in New York City to establish what really happened to his missing brother, a U-boat captain who disappeared right before the end of World War II. While he pieces together facts and parses lies, Paul becomes entangled with his cousin, CIA and KGB operatives, and the undoing of the colonial era. Readers will find a consuming work of historical fiction that offers a prism on major world events of the twentieth century.

Robert A. Wright has spent more than thirty years in the aviation industry as a pilot, an executive in the FAA, and a consultant. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Here's one one of my most avid fans has to say about Valhalla Revealed:

"Robert Wright has created a gripping and authentic story that recreates Spain, its African colonies, its relations with the United States, the Cold War, and the espionage that took place from 1945-1979."

-Antonio de Oyarzabal, Spain's Ambassador to the United States, 1996-2000 

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Beyond Ultra

If you’re looking for a standard novel with conventional heroes and stereotypical villains, novelist Robert A. Wright’s debut work of historical fiction, Beyond Ultra, is better left for those wanting to think outside the box. For Wright, when it comes to love, family, and tradition, there’s nothing so simple as right or wrong, and there’s nothing easy about good, bad, justice, or injustice, especially in times of war, when the world often becomes a murky place. Set during both World Wars and the Spanish Civil War, Wright contemplates colonial veins of the early twentieth century, and what newer cultural ties indicate when forced into direct conflict with former patriotisms.

It’s 1914. Karl Hoffman escapes his rigid Prussian heritage to create a new life with Pilar Ortega, his childhood sweetheart. Karl and Pilar’s families have deep roots in the winemaking industry in Germany and Spain, but it is the maelstrom of World War I that finally provides Karl with a chance to lead a life with Pilar he’s certain is his destiny. As a volunteer serviceman in Kamerun, a German colony in Africa, he’s able to be near Pilar, who’s in the adjacent, neutral colony of Spanish Guinea with her father establishing a cocoa plantation. In due time, Karl distinguishes himself in battle as Allied forces surround the German forces. In a brilliant plan, Karl leads the German garrison into Spanish Guinea and internment. The Germans are sent to Spain to sit out the war and Karl is able to marry Pilar and join the flourishing Ortega business.

Following the war, Karl returns briefly to Germany to be discharged from the Army, but is forced to confront opposition to his new life from his father and brother. Karl perseveres and returns to Spain, and then Spanish Guinea, where he and Pilar prosper with their three sons, isolated from world events and upheavals. As the twenties give way to the thirties, however, and as Karl reconciles with his family, there is more in store when he decides to send sons Hans and Ernst to Deutschland to be educated. Karl, when traveling to his former homeland in 1935, to his horror, learns that Hans and Ernst are active in the German Wehrmacht. Harassed by the SS, Karl and Pilar take their youngest son Paul to America to enter Choate prep school, thereby escaping the unfolding European tragedy. Fate throws further obstacles into the family’s path though, as one son feels he must join the fray at all costs and the other two do what they must based on what they believe is right. As isolated as each man comes to feel, a remote cave in Spanish Guinea holds answers that may set their consciences free—for better or worse.

Beyond Ultra was published on May 27, 2011 as a trade paperback by Create Space

 and is also available as an e-book on Kindle.

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Books: Non-Fiction

If you are looking forward to the sequel to Beyond Ultra, you may expect Valhalla Revealed to be released in May 2014. There may even be a sequel to this new book, as part of my planned twentieth century trilogy.

Regarding non-fiction, my wife Marcia Corey and I are co-authoring an unconventional travel anthology named Blue Airways.  It's still in the research phase, as we use a small aircraft to explore remote corners of the United States.

I also have in mind an expose of a very important government agency.  Let’s just say that idea is parked – for now.

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