Welcome to Robert Wright Books

I specialize in writing historical novels, concentrating on the twentieth century, and especially on topics and venues that are rarely covered by novelists.

I believe that virtually every person on the planet owes their current circumstances to the events and cataclysms that shaped our world in this period – and are still being felt, for better or worse.  This is especially true, of course, because of the impact of two world wars and the cold war, and the major countries involved in these conflicts.  But our current existence was also shaped by events that happened in neutral countries, in colonies of the European powers, and in hundreds of peacetime venues where current trends such as globalization were shaped and from which our current world order, or disorder, originated. It is always interesting to find that many influential events and outcomes were shaped by small numbers of participants behind the scenes, sometimes acting on their own, and sometimes acting in the shadow of noted personalities.

These are the events that I choose to dramatize, and I strive to place them in actual historical settings and associate them with the famous, and not so well known, historical figures of the era. Please refer to the tab About the Author to learn more about what I write about.  Meanwhile, my first book, Beyond Ultra, was published by Create Space on May 27, 2011 and is now available as a trade paperback, as well as an e-book on Kindle. It’s a tale of espionage, survival, and redemption set in Spain, Spanish Guinea (Africa), Germany, and New York during the period 1915-1945.  Click on the tab Books to learn more about this book and to order.

By May 2014, I expect to publish the sequel Valhalla Revealed. It takes my fictional Hoffman and Ortega families through the period 1945-1979. They must cope with the lingering tragedies and mysteries from World War II, as well as the Cold War, decolonization, and globalization. Stay tuned for details on the book's release!